Why is there always drama?!

I’ve been feeling a bit fed up and down in the dumps this week. I have some issues going on with my PAs, which normally wouldn’t get me this depressed, but I think the problems along with being ill and tired has just all got on top of me. I feel so overwhelmed with all the different issues going on:

  • There’s R, who’s putting a lot of pressure on for getting 3 consecutive day shifts, rather than the day and night shifts she’s agreed to in her contract. I need my PAs to be flexible to fit in with my life and commitments, so what she’s asking for is going to be really difficult to do. Plus, with how in-your-face and bossy she is, it’s a total nightmare having three consecutive days with her; I practically count down the hours until her shift is over and am starting to dread the days she’s working, because of how irritating she is with her endless “suggestions” of how I could run my care team better (some of which are completely ridiculous). I’m also starting to see a pattern where she phones in sick for night shifts, particularly if it’s one shift on its own.
  • There’s also N, who has a lot of drama going on at home with her husband and daughters, and tends to let it spill over into her work life. She’s come into work some days almost in tears, and she’s also always on her phone, even making calls when she’s yelling at someone for 20 minutes or more. I really need to get her driving my car, but as she’s not driven since she passed her test 8 years ago, my dad and I decided she should go for some refresher lessons (which we are paying for, I should add) before she can drive me around. I’ve been on at her for months trying to get a time when she can do the lessons, but she always tries to avoid the question, saying that she hasn’t got her rota for next week yet (she works a second job part-time) even when in the previous ten minutes of me bringing it up she was talking about how they’d messed up her shifts for next week?! It’s starting to get me so annoyed and frustrated though, as obviously I’m extremely limited as to what I can do and where I can go without having a driver onshift.
  • My other two PAs are mother and daughter, they are so helpful and lovely; they’re the only reason I’m still holding it together with all this stress. However, next month, they are going away together for a week. I normally don’t allow more than one person to be on holiday at a time, but they have just bought a holiday home and both of them need to go so the deeds are correct. The thing is though, one of my bank staff has invited herself to go with them, so I’m effectively losing three of my staff in one go! I’m also worried that R is going to cause trouble, as she properly kicked off on me a few weeks ago as it was the same week that she had wanted off, and apparently it was all my fault and it’s so unfair (she’s a grown woman, not a teenager! It was like a massive temper tantrum because she didn’t get her own way)?
  • Christmas rota – I’m already getting pressure from a certain PA (can you guess who it might be?) over what’s happening over Christmas and New Year

Sorry for the rant folks, but this is one of the only places I can vent privately. How do you handle stress? Have you had any similar experiences? Do you have any tips for me about being more assertive? 



One thought on “Why is there always drama?!

  1. Wow. You have a lot of things going on. I understand your need to be assertive, but nice. Try saying “I know ____ is hard, but you agreed to it. Can you not ______ during ____? Thank you.”

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